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50kg bag of Kiln Dried Mixed Wood Logs

50kg bag of Kiln Dried Oak Hardwood.

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These bags hold 50kg of Kiln Dried Hardwood.  They are full of beautiful kiln-dried Mixed Wood including Ash, Oak, Beech and Birch. All the logs are cut to 25cm lengths and have been dried to a moisture content of between 10-15%.

Requiring less storage space than the larger 1m3 kiln dried bulk bag & 1.2m3 mixed Oak, Birch and Ash bulk bags these 50kg bags are easy to handle and store.

We are happy to deliver the 50kg bags up to the step or front door of your home or garden.

Kiln-dried wood is certainly the best fuel to use in your wood burning appliance or open fireplace. Our premium quality kiln dried hardwood logs have been dried in a purpose-built kiln to reduce their moisture content to below 18% and split to a length of 20cm – 25cm.

Due to their lower moisture content, kiln dried logs burn for longer than seasoned logs and have a higher calorific value. Our high quality premium kiln dried logs have a calorific value of 5.2kwh/kg.

Our firewood is very dry and used by pizzerias for cooking pizza’s on wood. This gives an authentic flavour which can not be beat!

Size is 50cm (w) x 50cm (d) x 50cm (H)


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