Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs Low Moisture Content Perfect for Log Burners

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Kiln-dried wood is wood that has been dried in an oven (kiln). With a kiln, you can control the environment such as temperature, humidity, and steam levels for a set period of time. Allowing you to dry wood to the desired moisture content faster than air-drying.

Key Features :

  • Kiln Dried hardwood logs are UK Locally Sourced Hardwood – Ash, Oak, Beech, Birch Hardwood.
  • Produce More Heat And Burns Longer.
  • Low Bark so perfect for kiln dried wood for pizza oven, Log Burners,kiln dried wood for Fire Pit, Chiminey wood burner, Stoves, Fireplaces and More.
  • Low Moisture content (under 15%) for maximum heat output and easy lighting.
  • Each log is between 20-25cm long and 7-8cm thick meaning they will fit all log burners without further cutting.
  • Ideal for low smoke zones due to low moisture content.

Why to Use Kiln Dried Logs ?

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